Larger Than Nine Lives: Why HempyCat is Best for Your Pet

Larger Than Nine Lives: Why HempyCat is Best for Your Pet

Larger Than Nine Lives: Why HempyCat is Best for Your Pet

It is a truth universally acknowledged that cats make the cutest pets. What’s not so cute, however, is having to deal with their litter box. Have you ever had to lug around heavy bags of overpoweringly scented cat litter only for it to still smell bad and eventually get stuck in your pet’s tiny paws? We’ve all been there. And most cat people will probably describe it as the yuckiest part about having a cat. 

If you have a cat, it can safely be argued that not only are you pretty cool but also that you’ve probably heard of why hemp is the best litter material. In case you haven’t, we’ve got you covered. 

Hemp is a natural and strong crop that can be grown sustainably in various climates and in a wide range of soils. It requires relatively little water, grows rapidly and has a very small ecological footprint - in other words, it’s the perfect example of a sustainable, versatile raw material. Hemp can be used to produce more than 25,000 commercial and industrial products. With the right technology, all hemp crops can produce high-value products,  including cat litter. 

Introducing HempyCat™, an organic hemp cat litter that is engineered to be the healthiest and safest litter in the world

Traditional cat litter is harmful for you, your cat and the environment for a variety of reasons. It’s made from clay which contains harmful compounds such as sodium bentonite and crystalline silica. Bentonite clay, often used in clumping cat litters, may pose a risk to your cat's health. Fine clay particles can group together, creating blockages and irritating tissues; ultimately leading to respiratory problems and urinary gastrointestinal blockage, amongst other health risks. HempyCat contains no artificial additives, chemicals, clay, silica dust or perfumes. It is naturally antibacterial  and combats offending odors without the need for heavy perfumes. 

Traditional clay cat litter can create a breeding ground for bacteria, which is dangerous to both you and your feline friend. Pelletized litters often have low absorption, and rapidly expand and break down when exposed to moisture, becoming dangerous to cats if eaten. Litters with silica dust break down when wet, leading to harmful airborne dust when dry. Hemp clumps naturally and our HempyCat hemp litter is biodegradable and flushable, so you no longer have to worry about clogging your septic system or lugging heavy litter to the trash. 

The clay used in traditional litter is collected from strip mining, a process that is not sustainable and incredibly detrimental to the environment as trees, land and wildlife are removed to access sub-surface clay deposits. HempyCat is made from 100% natural and renewable Canadian hemp that is sustainably grown, and supports Canadian farmers.

Hemp has high absorbency and superior odor control characteristics, making it safe for cats. Our hemp litter is ~7X more lightweight than traditional cat litter, making it convenient for you to buy and store. 

For all the cool and the cute cats, check out HempyCat, the healthiest and safest litter in the world. It’s a no-brainer! 

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