Gentle on the earth and the paws


HempyCat is made from 100% natural and renewable hemp that is sustainably grown.
Hemp has high versatility and can be grown in any climate or soil conditions. The crop is robust and quick growing, allowing it to grow in tight spaces, which ultimately maximizes land use.
Hemp is the second fasting growing plant, behind bamboo, giving it a high biomass yield.

Breathe Easy with Hempycat

Respiratory Health

HempyCat is a non-clumping litter with no added clumping agents such as sodium bentonite and crystalline silica. 
Clumping cat litters, may pose a risk to your cat's health. Fine clay particles can group together, creating blockages and irritating tissues; ultimately leading to respiratory problems and urinary gastrointestinal blockage, amongst other health risks. 
It's important to note, that the litter does include a natural additive for enhanced odour control which is often mistaken for dust when poured into the litter box.
  • ~7X Lighter

  • ~5x More Absorbent

  • Flushable

  • Won't Pack in Paws

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