Hemp Versus Traditional Litter

Traditional cat litter is harmful for you, your cat and the environment for a variety of reasons.

Let us tell you why:

We care for you and most importantly your HempyCat

Majority of traditional litters is made with clay which contains harmful compounds such as sodium bentonite and crystalline silica. 

Bentonite clay, often used in clumping cat litters, may pose a risk to your cat's health. Fine clay particles can group together, creating blockages and irritating tissues; ultimately leading to respiratory problems and urinary gastrointestinal blockage, amongst other health risks. 

Pelletized litters often have low absorption, and rapidly expand and break down when exposed to moisture, becoming dangerous to cats if eaten. Litters with silica dust break down when wet, leading to harmful airborne dust when dry. 

What Makes HempyCat Different?

HempyCat is made from 100% natural and renewable Canadian hemp that is sustainably grown, and supports Canadian farmers.

Hemp has natural absorbency and superior odor control characteristics, making it safe for cats. Our hemp litter is 7X more lightweight than traditional cat litter, making it convenient for you to buy and store. 

For all the cool and the cute cats, check out HempyCat, the healthiest and safest litter in the world. It’s a no-brainer! 

  • 7X Lighter

    Hempycat uses 100% Premium Canadian Hemp, which is naturally light weight and ultra absorbent.

  • 5x More Absorbent

    Ultra absorbency and a cleaner litter box with less hassle. Unlike clay litter, HEMPALTA™Pets will not leave wet messy litter stuck to the sides and bottom of the box, so clean up is simple and mess free.

  • Flushable

    Yes! Hempycat Litter is septic safe. Unlike clay-based litters, Hempycat does not contain harmful clumping agents or clay that could build up and clog septic systems. 

    In addition, our litter is 100% biodegradable and can be composted.

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