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Larger than nine lives

Hempycat Vs. Traditional Cat Litter

  • HempyCat cat litter is made from 100% renewable Canadian-grown hemp, prioritizing your cat's health and well-being.
  • HempyCat litter uses all-natural ingredients that are not harmful to your cat's health.
  • Our cat litter is safe for both you and your cat, while also being environmentally friendly.
  • Traditional cat litter is made from clay containing harmful compounds like sodium bentonite and crystalline silica.
  • Bentonite clay, commonly used in clumping cat litter, may have adverse health effects on cats, including respiratory problems and gastrointestinal blockage.
  • Traditional litter clay is obtained through strip mining, which causes significant environmental damage by removing trees, land, and wildlife.
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  • 7X Lighter

    Hempycat uses 100% Premium Canadian Hemp, which is naturally light weight and ultra absorbent.
  • 5x More Absorbent

    Ultra absorbency and a cleaner litter box with less hassle. Unlike clay litter, HEMPALTA™Pets will not leave wet messy litter stuck to the sides and bottom of the box, so clean up is simple and mess free.
  • Flushable

    Yes! Hempycat Litter is septic safe. Unlike clay-based litters, Hempycat does not contain harmful clumping agents or clay that could build up and clog septic systems.
    In addition, our litter is 100% biodegradable and can be composted.
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Weight Doesn't Mean More

HempyCat™ Litter is the only cat litter made from 100% whole, clean hemp core granules. Our ultra-absorbent litter prevents moisture from reaching the bottom of the tray, making clean up simple and hassle free. Our formula includes a sustainable additive for enhanced odor control, and is biodegradable, flushable, and eco-friendly, containing no added clumping agents, fillers, artificial fragrances or chemicals.
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Common Questions

Will Hempycat™ Litter pack in my cats paws?

No! Hempycat™ litter does not contain clumping agents, fillers, chemicals, silica dust or toxic clay that may cause adverse health effects in cats or pack into paw!

How is it that Hempycat is so much lighter than most other kitty litters?

Hempycat™ Litter is made with 100% natural and renewable Canadian hemp that is sustainably grown and naturally lightweight. 

Is Hempycat safe for my cat?

Enginnered to be the healhiest and safest litter in the world.
We use our advanced, proprietary technologies to manufacture cat litter that takes advantage of the natural absorbency and odor control of hemp.
Our litter does not contain artificial additives, chemicals, clay, silica dust or perfumes, so you know it's safe for pets, people and the planet!

Is Hempycat more expensive than other litters?

No! With Hempycat Litter , you get more for your money because of the long-lasting performance of naturally absorbing hemp fiber.
On average, one bag of Hempycat Litter will lasts one cat 20+ days per cat.
High absorbency means the rest of the litter stays dry, so you throw less away and spend less.

Does Hempycat litter Clump?

Hempycat™ does not contain clumping agents, fillers, chemicals, silica dust or toxic clay that may cause adverse health effects in cats. Fine clay particles group together, and can block passages and irritate tissues; ultimately leading to respiratory problems & urinary gastrointestinal blockages, among other health risks.

How do I transition my cat to new litter

The best way to switch over to HempyCat is to mix a small amount of the new litter in with the current brand every day for several days.
This changeover should typically take place over three to five days.